5-Year License Renewal/ Drainage Certification

The surface water management license renewals are also known as drainage certifications

The licensee is required to maintain proper operation of the drainage system as indicated on the license drawings and documentation. In some Drainage Districts these operational licenses are valid for a specific period of time. Before said period ends, the licensee is required to renew the license.  Districts often require that the license renewal application includes a Professional Engineer’s certification letter.  As an example, in Broward County, Florida in order to renew the license, a certification letter signed and sealed by a Florida Registered Professional Engineer is required. The certification letter should state that all components of the surface water management system are functioning as originally licensed. This certification letter should a company the license renewal application.

Broward County – 5 Year License Renewal Reminders

You can check your Broward County license status through the Broward County’s Enviros website at the following link: Click here to check your license status

  • Your “permit/license number” is SWMXXXX-XXX-X.
  • Just enter it on the Enviros website, click on search and it will list your permit information.
  • There you can verify your license renewal date.

In an effort to provide the best service possible to our customers, BDH Consulting Group is assisting clients whose license is up for renewal. Feel free to contact us by phone at 561-452-2348. We will provide you with additional information in regards to the license renewal process.

Surface Water Management System Modification

We can help you with your Surface Water Management System Modification. While you are processing your 5 year license renewal, you could take advantage of this great opportunity to modify your surface water management system to maximize your property’s design functionality and achieve your goals.  Weather your goal is more parking spaces for more customers, better traffic flow, increase your building foot print, add a building on your parking lot, we can help you with this. We will assemble a design team and recommend contractors to help you achieve your project goals. The choice is yours, our main job is to help you achieve your project goals.

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