The goal of stormwater management is to allow human development to interact with wet weather in a manner that is socially, economically, and environmentally responsible.  Engineering stormwater management involves the difficult challenge of balancing these competing needs.  Improper management has led to flood damage, degradation of water quality, and unnatural changes in groundwater hydrology, prompting extensive regulations to minimize these impacts.

BDH consulting Group is committed to achieving responsible and sustainable stormwater management.  This involves educating clients, the public, and project stakeholders on issues and regulations and guiding them through the process of selecting solutions that are economically and environmentally feasible.  Regulatory requirements and project constraints are analyzed using the most advanced stormwater analysis tools.  A combination of green and gray infrastructure is employed through site-specific best management practices and watershed-wide master planning to responsibly achieve project needs.

Looking to the future, the EPA is addressing additional controls on nutrients, suspended solids, bacteria, and other constituents which will likely be the basis for the end of pipe stormwater discharges.  Changes in weather patterns are also affecting the future of stormwater management.  BDH Consulting Group is prepared to meet these challenges.

  1. Surface Water Management System Design
  2. Surface Water Management Calculations
  3. Hydraulic Pipe Sizing Analalysis
  4. Erosion Control Plans (SWPPP’s)
  5. Inspection Services
  6. 5-Year Drainage Certification

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